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StillRock Legal Solution - Law Firm Websites

With over 90% of consumers looking first to the web for their needs, it’s about time an application is developed specifically for Law Firms and Attorneys to open their services to these potential clients. Our Legal Solution is ALL about time and how important it is to you and your clients. We will provide you with an online consultation app that will allow your potential clients to express their needs and free your schedule from having to meet initially in person. Our Legal Solution includes a fully customizable website that not only allows you to change the content that is presented to your clients but also comes fully optimized for all major search engines, allowing your law firm to be marketed to over 90% of consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

StillRock's Legal Solution includes:

  • Online Client Consultation App
  • Fully Integrated Customizable Web Site
  • Web Hosting / Domain Registration
  • Web Site Administration Tool.
  • Inclusive 'In-Person' Technical Support
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StillRock Solutions:

Consultation App

Lawyer Websites Law firm Websites

Your time is very valuable. This application will show your potential clients a customized list of areas of practices including questions tailored to each practice. This will allow you to get accurate answers from your clients regarding their situation up front. The Consultation App comes complete with email notifications and an online dashboard that serves as an inbox of all completed consultations that have been processed through the app. This dashboard allows you to keep track of all potential clients and the status of your replies.

Customizable Website

Our Legal Solution also includes web hosting, domain registration, and a fully customizable website. You will be able to change the content being displayed on your site when you want, saving you additional service fees. We have also included the ability for you to change the color theme of your site to be what you want it to be for your law firm. Although the administration section of the site is very easy to use and understand, we will provide you with any help that you may need to use this section. Finally we will use our services to fully optimize your website to be searchable by most major search engines, allowing you to be found by your future and current clients.

Design and Technical Support

Lawyer Websites Law Firm Websites Support

Included in this solution we will maintain your site and make sure it’s online 24/7. We also will include our services for any graphical updates or corrections related to your website and provide you with helpful technical support. In the end it’s all about your time.